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A world where you will feel happy, inspired, and energised to go out into your community and make a positive impact, whether that’s by carrying out random acts of kindness, volunteering, or simply smiling at someone you walk past.

About Good News Shared

Our mission is to:

  • Leave you feeling happier than you were when you came to our site
  • Energise you to take advantage of opportunities available to you
  • Inspire you to make a positive impact in your community
  • Raise awareness of the work charities and non-profit organizations do


As of the start of 2016, 82 writers have contributed articles to the Good News Shared website, and we have featured over 500 charities. In 2015 we started a podcast featuring inspiring volunteers from around the world.

Good News Shared Volunteers


A number of people passionate about highlighting uplifting charitable stories have contributed to Good News Shared by researching and writing articles, being active on our social media sites including Instagram and Facebook, and contributing to our marketing strategy.

We recently redesigned our website with help from William Deng, a UX designer who has been volunteering his time and expertise.

Our Assistant Editor, Alex Swallow, has a range of experience in the charity sector, and has assisted us with our social media, content creation, and strategy.

About Good News Shared

Good News Shared Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors are carefully chosen people with a range of skills. They help support Good News Shared in a number of ways, including sharing our message with others.

Joe Dilger: An Educational Governance Consultant, and a member of JCI. @Dilger1Joe

Ali Golds: Entrepreneur, speaker and author. @ali_golds

Andy Green: After a time in Apprenticeship recruitment and placement Andy moved to the Charity sector. He is Senior Community Fundraiser – North Wales & Cheshire at Homes for Veterans At Alabare. Wales Homes for Veterans is our programme of support and accommodation to help those ex-Armed Forces personnel who have fallen on hard times, and who now need some short term support to recapture their self-esteem and equip themselves with the skills needed to manage independently again as fully participating members of the community. Andy also manages a Charity Professionals Networking Group on LinkedIn, is a Digital Volunteer for The Desert Rats Memorial Association and is “really thrilled to have been asked to act as an Ambassador to Good News Shared.”  @Andy_H4V

Judi Lembke: A writer and editor who specialises in feature profiles and other high-end content, Judi also works with documentary and other media, and is currently in the midst of a top-secret pitch that may be on your screens before the end of 2016..! @JudiLembke

Sophie Meadows: A Good News Shared supporter from the get go, Sophie started writing for Good News Shared during its early days, whilst studying English Literature at UCL. She loves theatre and collects ribbons. @SophieMeadows21

Mike Zywina: Experienced fundraiser & Founder of Lime Green Consulting, a consultancy advising on fundraising strategy, events management & individual giving. Trustee of AbleChildAfrica@mikezywina

A Social Enterprise


Good News Shared is a social enterprise based in the UK. We are located in the UK, but share stories from around the world – all thanks to the power of the Internet!

About our Founder, Nisha Kotecha


About Good News Shared, Founder Nisha Kotecha

Nisha Kotecha talking about Good News Shared at Hub Westminster

Good News Shared was started in April 2014 by Nisha Kotecha. Through working and volunteering for small charities she has seen first-hand the impact they have on people’s lives and their communities.

In discussions with groups all over the country Nisha found many other people who share the view that smaller organisations deserve more interest and support, and so Good News Shared was born.

In her journey as a social entrepreneur so far, Nisha has been on the Community Links Enterprise Programme, a scholar on the Hub Launchpad programme, and a member of the Institute of Directors.

Nisha was an active member of Rotaract (a membership organisation for young people aged between 18 – 30 which is sponsored by Rotary International), and was elected National Publicity Officer for Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland and Club President.

What Our Readers and Charities We’ve Featured Say


“I’ve been on and off your website all day, it’s made a dent in my productivity but it’s been a wonderful morning of reading. I think it’s fantastic, I often criticize the mainstream news for painting a very dismal picture of our world when in fact, as your site shows, the world is full of wonderful people with wonderful ideas.” – Bowen Revill, External Relationship Manager, Venture Matrix

“The title says it all; Good News Shared. It is a space dedicated to supporting the essence of every charity, to make a positive impact. Eastside Educational Trust is one of the charities that Good News Shared provides a platform to celebrate the positive and inspiring work that occurs in our workplace. Raising awareness of the work that we do and the impact we are making is something that Eastside are looking to build on and what’s both unique and lovely about featuring on Good News Shared is that both organisations share the passion and aim to inspire.”  Rakhee Jasani, Director, Eastside Educational Trust

“I’ve been following Good News Shared and I really like the concept. I think it’s really important to spread positive news especially since so many things seem so doom and gloom nowadays. Reading a story with a positive message can make your whole day seem brighter.” – Reshmi Kashyap, FounderProject Change 2014


Good News Shared has been featured in Forbes, The Independent, The People's Friend and Glamour Magazine