Royal British Legion staff in the charity’s West Midlands area team went above and beyond to help terminally ill football fan Victor Parry fulfill his desire to watch his beloved Liverpool Football Club play at Anfield.

Royal British Legion fulfills terminally-ill veteran’s wish to watch Liverpool FC

The 87-year-old veteran who served in the Army Service Corps from 1954-1971, was sadly diagnosed with throat cancer and has a terminal prognosis. He contacted the Legion’s contact centre for assistance to ensure that upon his release from hospital, he had the right support which included housing advice and welfare guidance. He was previously living in a fifth-floor flat and socially isolated.

It was during a home visit with a Legion Independent Living Advisor that Vic mentioned he was a Liverpool FC fan and wanted to travel to Anfield to watch them play one last time before he became too ill.

The Advisor passed the information on to Birmingham Case Officer, Jude Tree, who remembered that West Midlands Team Leader David Fairclough was a huge Liverpool FC fan and might be able to pull some strings.

David contacted the club and was able to get two free tickets for Vic and his carer to watch Liverpool FC beat West Ham 3-2 at Anfield Stadium, as well as get a tour of the grounds after the game. Transport arrangements for the day were arranged by the Legion staff as well and Vic even managed to visit his mother’s grave and childhood home to complete his trip back up north.

“I am so grateful to the Legion for making such a trip back to my home city of Liverpool possible,” Vic said of the experience. “It was fantastic to see my team win at Anfield and I was really happy to be able to visit my mother’s resting place again.

“I cannot stress enough the support that is out there for all veterans from the Legion. They have aided me with housing advice, provided adaptations within my home and I know I can contact them if needed and it’s crucial more in the Armed Forces community know the charity is there to help.”

Royal British Legion fulfills terminally-ill veteran’s wish to watch Liverpool FC

With the advice and support of the Legion, Vic has now moved into a two-bedroom flat which offers extra care. The Legion helped with his moving fees and is now looking at supporting him with a chair that will make him more comfortable.

For more information on The Royal British Legion and the support and services they provide visit their website or call the contact centre on 0808 802 8080.

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