40 year old Jake McManus suffers from depression. A year ago he found something that really helps him – climbing.  In fact, climbing has made such an impact on his life that he has set up a website to share his journey and to help others with depression get outdoors and start climbing. Jake’s website has had an incredible response, receiving 3,000 views in the first month alone.

One Man's Solution For His Depression

Recently Jake interviewed *daredevils* Guy Ruyssevelt, Tom Parker and Jake Hirsch-Holland who all made the news for in March for their record breaking highline in the UK.  Photos were captured by British photographer Ray Wood, 44, as they made their way across the 40-metre-long rope at the the summit of Tryfan Mountain, Snowdonia, Wales.

Climbing: One Man's Solution for his Depression

Photography: Ray Wood/Caters/Mail Online

 The interview covers everything from their fears, how highlining helps their wellbeing, and what it feels like to be up so high!

Check out the interview here: http://www.climbout.co.uk/news-2/uk-record-breaking-highline/

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