Mabel was born last Spring at Stepney City Farm. She was born with a broken leg which meant she had plenty of handling and quickly got used to human company. She now often surprises people with how calm she is, they don’t always expect a chicken to be so relaxed and cuddly!
She comes to every Furry Tales session and has met older people at Age UK East London, Peabody’s Sundial Centre and residential homes such as Hawthorn Green and Silk Court, to name a few.
Amazing Animal of the Month: Mabel the Chicken
She will happily perch on someone’s knee, letting them stroke and feed her. She tends to evoke memories of childhood for a lot of people as so many East Londoners grew up with chickens in the yard or had experiences of farm life when they were evacuated during the war.
We also often get people singing to her, ‘Hey little hen, when when when, will you lay me an egg for my tea…’ It is always such a pleasure to see her bring a smile and some joy to someone’s day.

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