Flowers are a wonderful gift to receive; they bring life, and the beauty of nature, into your home and can brighten up an otherwise ordinary day. This bank holiday weekend the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) will be spreading some floral love by leaving over 60,000 bouquets in towns and cities across the UK, to be stumbled upon and taken home and cherished.

Dubbed ‘The Lonely Bouquet’, the concept behind this random act of kindness was first conceived two years ago by the Belgium-based florist Emily Avenso, who shared the idea on her blog after leaving her own flowers for strangers to find.

This year, to celebrate National Flower Arranging Day on the 2th May, each of NAFAS’ 60,000 club members made their own Lonely Bouquets and left them around various locations for the general public to find them.

Some of the flowers have already been found, with people tweeting photos of them and thanking NAFAS for their act of kindness:


Sue Brinton, the Chairwoman of NAFAS, explained, “The concept is simple. We are asking all our members to make a bouquet, attach a tag asking, ‘Take me home and adopt me’, and leave the Lonely Bouquet in a spot where a lucky stranger will find it and give it a new home…. We hope we will be able to communicate our love of flowers on a national level by becoming part of this great, heart-warming movement.”

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