Don’t think men can multi-task? This video of Aspire CEO Brian Carlin cycling AND performing a card trick shows that men really can multi-task!

Brian also tweeted, sent emails, made phone calls, and chatted to passers-by whilst cycling (though not all at the same time – he’s not super human after all!).



Brian, 48, cycled approximately 320 kilometres in 12 hours, burning over 7,000 calories, and has raised over £4,000 for Aspire.  The day after the event Brian said: “Taking part in my first nonstop 12 hour spinathon yesterday was an amazing experience, although extremely painful! I am particularly grateful to everyone who donated their money and time, and it was fantastic that so many people came down to Aspire to offer me moral support. I will now have to start thinking about what my next challenge will be. Although I’m aching today, I would recommend cycling to everyone, especially now that summer is on the way.”

Aspire provides practical help to people who have been paralysed by a Spinal Cord Injury, helping them move from injury to independence. For more information visit:

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