Cub Scout volunteer leader and busy mum-of-four, Alison Hancock, recently made an emotional visit to see the young girl she sponsors through global children’s charity Plan UK.  Alison, who works at British Gas, has been sponsoring 11 year old Mariana from the Dominican Republic since 2007. Accompanying her on the trip was her son, Joshua, who is currently studying for his A-levels.

Alison and Joshua visited the school where Mariana attends to meet her for the first time.

Cub Scout leader on emotional visit to see sponsored girl with Plan UK

“I thought Mariana may be a little shy, but as soon as she saw me she got hold of me and gave me a big hug and said ‘thank you so much for sponsoring me’.

“I felt quite emotional as it is such a small thing for me to do but means so much to this child. She took my hand and never let me go,” says Alison.

During the visit Alison also had an opportunity to meet Mariana’s family, “Although they had so little, Mariana’s family were so welcoming and kind. Now I will write to her with much more understanding of her life.. and look forward to her letters even more now I have met her.”

Despite tourism and a growing economy, half of under-18s in the Dominican Republic live in poverty, according to UNICEF.

Alison is just one of 95,000 Plan UK sponsors helping families and communities, rather than just individual children, through a regular donation. 82p of every £1 is used on programme activities. Plan UK are determined to make every pound count, and for every £1 they invest in raising funds they generate £5.85 of funds to help more families and communities across the world.

In the last financial year, Plan:

–   Reached over 27 million children and their families worldwide

–   Worked with 66,886 communities

–   Helped build 1,935 health or early childhood care and development centres; 1,251 schools; 7,531 water points and improved sanitation for 90,882 households

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