Amazing Animal of the Month: Moses the Foal

Moses came to Bransby Horses – Rescue and Welfare in Lincolnshire in early April this year after the RSPCA were called by a concerned member of the public to a weak, cold and wet foal which was found lying in a large ditch of dirty water in Mablethorpe.

A local vet and the RSPCA inspector worked quickly to get the foal to a safe location, dry him off, build his core body temperature up and provide him with some much needed nourishment. Sadly his mother was nowhere in sight so it is a possibility he may have been inhumanely dumped.

Moses was just 1 week old when he arrived at Bransby Horses and with the correct nutrition and care he is now a happy healthy little foal who is full of the joys of spring!

Amazing Animal of the Month: Moses the Foal

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