Coral was an elderly cat in good health, taken to a local vets to be put to sleep as her owner could no longer keep her due to a house move. The vets refused to put her to sleep and contacted Yorkshire Cat Rescue to ask if we would take her.  We did, and she was with us for 3 weeks.

She has now been adopted by an elderly lady who wanted a lap cat and the two love each other.

Coral is a little bit deaf and her new owner is also a little bit deaf, and her new owner thinks it’s great that they both have the same “condition”.

 Here’s a picture of Coral on her first night (about half an hour after she got to her new home).

Amazing Animal of the Month: Coral - Yorkshire Cat Rescue

The neighbours who brought the elderly lady in to view Coral when she adopted her said recently:

“Coral has been asleep with her mum cuddled up on the bed. She’s had breakfast in bed & loves her water fountain. She has the run of the house and is sunbathing on the windowsill. She gave me a lovely greeting when I called this morning. One happy cat & happy lady!”

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