Ben Clifton: Never Give Up

Ben Clifton’s story is one that individuals from all age groups can find inspiration from; his courage and innovation in the face of pure adversity is a lesson for us all.

Ben was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour at the age of 15 having experienced pain in his left cheek in the period leading up to his GCSE exams. To begin with the doctors believed the pains were related to his deafness that he has had since his youth, however this diagnosis did not transpire.

Now 17, with radiotherapy required due to operational impossibility, Ben’s word of advice to cancer sufferers is simple and power – “stay positive”.  Ben takes his own words rather magically saying “my radiotherapy mask protects me from radiations. Some people find it claustrophobic but I imagine it’s a superheroes mask”

With the help of the charity Fixers, Ben developed an animated film to encourage others to never to give up. Ben summarised the video, and his deliberations, with the following:

“My Fixers project is all about encouraging young people who have cancer to stay positive. I remained positive by thinking of the heroes I used to watch years ago. I gained comfort from my comic because it gave life to my heroes.
I’d say to people going through the same situation to find something that you like, find a hero, and never give up.”

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