Jalia: 3,600 school meals donated to a primary school in Kenya

Food shortages are widespread in Kenya, with a third of Kenyan children under 5 years old suffering from stunted growth. A figure that is 14 times greater than in developed countries. 

In May 2014, a grant for 3,600 school meals was donated to the Nanyuki Preparatory School in central Kenya. This grant of £1,200 pounds marks the fourth time that the Jalia charity has supported the on-going feeding programme. The money raised will provide the primary school children with a cup of porridge for breakfast as well as a cooked lunch. This is of particular importance in this area as there are a great number of deprived families who live on a salary of less than £1 per day. These meals are generally their only meals of the day. Not only do these meals provide the children with a healthy diet but they also give them an added incentive to attend their lessons. It only costs £2 to feed a child for a week. The money raised therefore goes a long way.

3,600 school meals donated to a primary school in Kenya: Jalia Charity

Jalia is a small charity that has been working in Kenya for four years and earns most of its income through sponsorships and events. As they are run entirely by volunteers, every penny raised is sent to directly to those in need. The charity aims to improve the lives of the communities in Kenya in various ways. Despite being a small charity, their feeding programme is just one of their many projects. The charity pays school fees for a number of children who otherwise would not be able to access education. They also set up children’s homes and disability centres, and supply primary schools with books, equipment and food. Their aim is to empower through education and support small-scale sustainable change.

3,600 school meals donated to a primary school in Kenya Jalia charity

To find out more about Jalia please visit their website: www.jaliacharity.co.uk/home

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