Primary schools across the UK are invited to register for free musical instruments as part of a new campaign.

Classical pianist James Rhodes is spearheading the drive ahead of a Channel 4 series due to air later this year.

Members of the public will be invited to donate old instruments at Oxfam stores, where they will be collected before being distributed to schools.

Teachers are being asked to register interest in the scheme, which is open to state primary schools across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

James, who taught himself to play the piano at the age of seven, said: “Music has an undeniable, proven, positive impact on self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, numeracy, literacy, behavioural problems and confidence.

“The fact that music has become something of a lottery for children – excellent in some schools and simply inadequate in others – is shocking.”

James’ campaign will be aired in a three-part series from Fresh One, the producers of Jamie’s Food Revolution, later this summer.

The programme will follow James as he pilots his amnesty at a primary school in Basildon, Essex, before launching it nationwide.

Schools can register for the scheme until July 11. Schools will be selected based on need and their commitment to making musical education sustainable.

Successful applicants will receive an education pack produced by Oxfam, featuring guides and music lesson plans.

For more information or to sign up, visit

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