Pioneering trailblazer, award-winning coach, inspirational speaker, author, fiercely loving mother and wife, social entrepreneur and prominent women’s leadership expert, Dr Sam Collins is synonymous with all things M.A.D (Making A Difference).

Five for Friday: Dr Sam Collins, Founder of Aspire

1. What is the one cause you wish more people knew about?

It is estimated that more than 10 million children around the world live without a family, either in institutions or out on the street. In reality, that number may be much higher. Whether the numbers are higher or not, adoptions have fallen by more than 60% since 2004, due in large part to a broken system filled with delays, bureaucracy, discrimination, and staggering costs incurred by adoptive parents. In the meantime, children suffer and die. It is estimated 15% of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s under-18 population, roughly 5 million children, are orphans as a result of a civil war spanning decades and claiming the lives of millions.

2. What gets you up in the morning?

I am extremely passionate about making a difference to women and empowering women to be trailblazers in their life, work and world. This is combined with the flexibility of running my own business so I tend to get up early before my kids wake up so I have time to think uninterrupted. When my 5 and 6 year old boys wake up, I stop working, make breakfast, get them ready for school and pack them off in the car with my husband Robert who takes them to school every day.

I am extremely driven to find a way to bring our adopted daughter Grace home to her new family. She is currently in Dr Congo where the government suspended adoptions 18 months ago despite the fact she is legally adopted to us. Every day, I advocate for her and other children like her.

3. What is an inspirational quote that you would like to share with us?

Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!

I love this quote because it means that when we take a scary action, help is coming in the form of a supporter, mentor or teacher and means we are not alone.

4. What has been the proudest achievement in your life so far?

I received recognition from the Queen for being “one of the top 200 businesswomen” that was an amazing moment. I was honoured to meet the Queen and be in the same room with the elite women of British business.

5. What is your hope for the next year (personal or professional)?

I have just published my first book Radio Heaven – One Woman’s Journey to Grace. It launches on April 29th and has already gone on the best seller lists in 4 countries. I really hope that as many women as possible will read it and pay it forward to other women.

This is a book about the power of doing business for social good and designing your own destiny rather than waiting for your parents, boss, partner or society to determine it for you. It is best described as part biography and part tool kit with practical, easy–to-digest ideas for any reader to follow their passion in life and business, regardless of time, financial position, or experience. It is my hope that Radio Heaven will help you discover what is it you really want to do (and not do!), overcome the inevitable obstacles, and really get on with it!

The clock starts now.


Find out more about Dr Sam Collins and her book Radio Heaven by clicking here.

– This post has been updated on 22nd April 2015.

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