We live in a world where computer skills are a fundamental part of our day to day life. Technology has become an essential part of employment, with more and more businesses demanding computer literate employees. This leads us to the question: what does the future look like for children who do not have access to technology?

Founded in 2005, Camera is an international charity and social enterprise that uses technology in order to improve the livelihoods of children and communities around the world.

Digital Literacy For 1.3 Million Children WorldWide

Camera has already helped 700,000 children in communities across Africa, Haiti, Jamaica and Ireland to gain digital literacy skills. The social enterprise is now aiming to reach even more children with the help of its newly opened technology hub in London.

Over the next three years, the enterprise is hoping to equip 1.3 million children with digital literacy skills by supplying communities with affordable hardware, educational software, maintenance support and end of life recycling as well as training teachers in necessary ICT skills.  The IT equipment collected and refurbished at the newly opened London Hub will be used to supply Camera-run educational hubs, thereby helping the enterprise reach its goal of using technology to improve the education, and in turn livelihoods, of just under two million children.

With a minimum collection quantity of 20 computers, laptops, monitors and other ICT equipment within the M25 (and 100+ outside), the hub will offer companies and organisations a secure, effective and meaningful IT disposal option. In particular Camara is looking for flat screen monitors to provide to its projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zambia with 6000 being required this year alone.

To learn more about the organisation or to donate computers to Camara’s London hub go to www.camara.org or contact Sam Lehane at  samlehane@camara.org or on 077 8066 1787

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