Internationally acclaimed author and leadership trainer, Blair Singer is hosting the world’s first leadership training with a difference: 19,341 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro.

While on the Mountain Leadership Experience, taking place from the 20th – 30th July 2014, Blair and the group of fifteen will spend time volunteering in Moshi, Tanzania at Mwereni School Community for the blind, albino and orphan children.

The trek will be a true learning experience where they climb, learn, share, debrief, and discover leadership techniques that will show participants how to take any team to forward.

Head For Heights? You Will Need It For This Leadership Training Course

Blair on Mount Kilimanjaro last year with his son

The Mountain Leadership Experience is about achievement and contribution.  In addition to volunteering at the school during their trip, two participants, Ben Eastman and Randy Zimnoch, put together a campaign called Raise the Roof to get even more funding for the Mwereni school.  That campaign has already raised over $6,000.

Blair said: “It is my utmost privilege to be participating in such a life changing experience for the second time. I climbed Kili last year with my son Ben and was utterly blown away by how those few days cleared my thinking and showed me the extraordinary value of being present in the moment. Just a few of the lessons I learned were about being a father, leadership, team, personal strength, connection to the planet, contribution and the majesty of nature. From my experience, I am confident this climb will change the lives of all those that are participating, as it has mine and my son’s, while also helping blind and disadvantaged children in Africa. It is truly a win-win situation.”

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