Wouldn’t it be great if there was an online tool just for organisations and charities to use to showcase the best of their activities and people?

Young Advisors, an organisation of young people who are trained to guide the government, NGOs, charities and local leaders on how to engage with young people, have recently made it possible for organisations to do just that, by launching their IT tool, RoundUp.

Young Advisors Launch Web-App ‘RoundUp’ to Help Organisations Stay Connected

RoundUp is an online app that organises tagged social media posts from across multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It was built for groups that are involved in volunteering, community work, campaigns, fundraising, and national networks grant giving, but it also works more broadly for employee engagement.

Not only is RoundUp a great facility for similar groups to network, Young Advisors have also added an element of gaming to the site. Users can earn points, climb a league table, ‘star’ other teams’ content to show their support and approval, and can also take on missions to win awards and badges.

Young Advisors Launch Web-App ‘RoundUp’ to Help Organisations Stay Connected

After a year of testing and development, RoundUp was launched recently to an audience of invited guests. Jenny, a Young Advisor from the Sefton team said at the event, “One of the main benefits for me is that RoundUp helps us stay connected, keeping in touch with our colleagues, partners and other Young Advisor teams, which helps us share best practice. Also as different people use different networks it’s perfect as it brings them all together in one place meaning with one post we can connect with lots more people.”

Gary Buxton MBE, Chief Executive of Young Advisors added, “Young Advisors Charity, connects young people and decision makers to improve products, services and communities. All the profits for RoundUp will not only help us to make the tool even better for the organisations that use it, but will also go to help us train, support, coach and develop community projects with young people nationally.”

Young Advisors Launch Web-App ‘RoundUp’ to Help Organisations Stay Connected

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