Charity Cats Protection has launched Cat Match, a free app that gives cat lovers the chance to run a simulated Cats Protection Homing Centre, doing all they can to look after and rehome the cats in their care. The game involves players caring for a number of cats, assisted by a virtual vet.

Cat Match players buy additional blocks and rooms with virtual funds to improve and expand their homing centre, allowing for more cats to be cared for and prepare cats for rehoming by taking care of their needs in the Match-3 game. By matching three icons in a row, essential items can be gained for the cats including food, bedding and medicine. All profits from in-app purchases go directly to help Cat Protection.

Cat Match Gives Cat Lovers Chance To Run Homing Centre

Rasoul Hudda, Cats Protection’s Creative Designer said: “The app is a simple and fun game that gives people an insight into life at a cat homing centre. It is not as easy as it looks, as players will soon discover. We hope cat lovers will find it of interest and encourage them to adopt one of the many thousands of unwanted cats in Cats Protection’s care.” The app is suitable for all ages and is available on iOS and Android. It can be downloaded from UK iTunesGoogle Play store, or via


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