KarmaSnap: ‘Like Instagram for Social Good’

Recently launched Android App KarmaSnap brings everyone who is trying to change the world and make it a better place together on one platform.

Users can share acts of kindness, donate to causes of interest and even create their own fundraisers. It’s “the one place where Random Acts of Kindness are more popular than selfies!”

KarmaSnap: A New App for Social Good

KarmaSnap aims to bring users, charities and socially responsible organisations together to create and publicise acts of social good. The app allows users to specify their interests and then matches them to suitable organisations they then may want to give their time or money to. The option to connect the app to your Facebook or Twitter account means people can share their acts of kindness on a wider social media platform.

The app benefits charitable organisations too, allowing them to manage their campaigns effectively through one platform. Through a dashboard, non-profits can create and manage the impact of their campaigns, as well as analysing geographical areas of funding and donations.

KarmaSnap: A New App for Social Good

The app was founded by three friends from Bangalore, India, who then successfully pitched the idea to DP World Turn8 seed accelerator. Turn8 provided $30,000 of funding and a five-month opportunity to develop the app in Dubai. Now, the app is available for download and its Founders are constantly developing and expanding it.

KarmaSnap: A New App for Social Good

From left to right, KarmaSnap’s Founders: Gautham N, Ram Narayanan, Jayanand Sagar and Mahboob Imtiyaz

The app’s Founders also hope that it can be mobilised for social change on a huge scale. For example, KarmaSnap has the potential to quickly create funds and organise volunteers for disaster relief campaigns, and even to match blood donors with those in need in the same location.

Speaking recently, CEO Ram Narayanan said

“People in the non-profits can place volunteers now and in the next few weeks organisations will also be able to raise funds as well. It will take another three months for us to get the whole thing right including the crowdfunding part and the website.”

Download KarmaSnap now by clicking here.

Watch the Youtube video about KarmaSnap here.

Have you used KarmaSnap? Let us know what you think of it!

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