A litter of 10 rare piglets have become internet stars as viewers tune in to watch their antics on a live webcam.

“Piglet-Cam” has been set up at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall to give viewers a glimpse of a rare Tamworth sow and her piglets. The Tamworth breed is classed as “at risk” by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust but staff at Heligan are hoping to change this.

The piglets join a number of other rare animals at the gardens, including a flock of Devon and Cornwall long wool sheep.

Heligan’s webcam was previously used to record barn owl chicks but was moved into the pig ark after the sow gave birth on August 14.

Staff say Piglet-Cam has more than doubled the number of visits to Heligan’s website. The piglets are now old enough to roam outside with their mother but can still be seen coming into the ark to feed and rest.

Tamworth piglets

Heligan estate manager Jim Briggs said: “Heliganwild.com gives people a front row seat on Cornish nature in all its spectacular diversity. These piglets have been a huge hit with website visitors and become stars in their own right, with some visitors to the gardens specifically coming to see them.”

To watch Piglet-Cam, go to www.heliganwild.com.

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