Stressed teachers and lecturers are being offered therapy sessions as part of a pilot scheme launched Teacher Support Network Group, an education charity based in the UK.

The charity has teamed up with Anxiety UK to offer one-to-one therapy for staff working in education.

The pilot was launched after research by the charities found 60% of teachers needed specialist support to cope with work-related emotional and mental health issues.

Julian Stanley, chief executive of Teacher Support Network Group, said: “We are hearing from teachers that there is a real demand for more personalised, emotional therapy sessions. This pilot means that education professionals will get swift and affordable access to treatment. We understand how the stresses of working in education and increasing workloads can build up. It is important that people dealing with common mental health problems like anxiety have someone to talk to and turn to for help.”

Teacher Support Network Group provide specific support for the emotional health and wellbeing of education staff. Support includes a 24/7 Support Line, telephone counselling, coaching, money management, grants, information and signposting.

They have received over 5,800 calls to its 24/7 helpline relating to the disorder over the last two years, the second highest issue after financial worries.

Stressed Teachers Offered Therapy Sessions

Nicky Lidbetter, chief executive of Anxiety UK, said: “We’re really pleased to be working in partnership with Teacher Support Network in order to provide much-needed support for those working in education who are experiencing stress and anxiety. We hope that this pilot will highlight the demand for accessible services of this nature and encourage people to access help without fear of stigma.”

Participants will be offered six sessions with a therapist either in person, via a webcam or over the phone. The scheme will run until December for up to 40 people dealing with anxiety.

Applicants will be charged between £15 and £50 per session depending on their household income. Those in severe financial difficulties can apply for help through the Teacher Support Network grant scheme.

To download an application form, visit

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