Drugs and alcohol addicts are being supported by Achieve Sobriety, a nonprofit organisation who have made it their mission to help alcohol and drug addicts to achieve sobriety as well as reminding recovering addicts that they have achieved an amazing accomplishment.

Alcohol statistics

Recent statistics, released by AlcoHelp, show alcoholism is a serious problem in the UK:

  • Alcohol kills on average one person every hour and sees 1.2million admitted to hospital each year.
  • Alcohol costs the criminal justice system £11bn every year.
  • In the past 10years, rates in people under 30 suffering from liver disease has increased by 112%
  • Almost 80,000 babies in the UK are living with somebody who suffers from alcoholism

Tackling Alcoholism

One way Achieve Sobriety is hoping to tackle the problem of alcoholism is to use their website to share videos of individuals telling their story about how they overcame addiction and what their life is like sober. The website is the first place online that offers this unique way of encouraging people to begin or maintain their fight against addiction.

Their aim is to counteract the negative portrayal of addicts that is normally depicted in the media, to show that the majority of sufferers are just normal people. They hope this will encourage addicts to seek treatment earlier on before the illness becomes unmanageable.

Each video is truly inspiring in its own way, but one that really stood out for me was the story of Shirley who has been sober for 20 years after finding a purpose in her life through helping other addicts. She talks of how saying goodbye to alcohol was like saying goodbye to your best friend.

Shirley also talks about life after recovery and how she feared she would lose her creativity if she lost alcohol. In actual fact her sober life is life full of colour and creativity and she leads a happy life in a nice home. There is a mistaken, yet common belief, amongst addicts that once sober their life will no longer be interesting. These videos aim to challenge this misconception and show it is not the case.

Achieve Sobriety hopes going forward that their website can provide some of the best resources for treatment centres, recovery and support programs. For more information please visit their website: www.achievesobriety.org

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