Grab A Slice of Hope at A Pizza Party

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Everyone loves a pizza party, so what better way of spreading joy and hope than by doing just that? A Slice of Hope is a not-for-profit project that organises a pizza party for homeless people.

A Slice of Hope Founder, Obaid Kadwani, said:

“We feed the body with Pizza. We feed the spirit with Live Music. We feed the mind with a happy moment and a happy memory. When people are reminded of happier times, it gives us the strength to fight on. It reminds us that life can get better. One happy moment can change a life.​”

Founded in 2007 in New York, the project was initially called Pizza for the Homeless. In 2011 the name changed to A Slice of Hope, and currently pizza parties are held at homeless shelters in 25 states.

Grab A Slice Of Hope At a Pizza Party

Photo: Facebook

Michael, an attendee at a pizza party held by A Slice of Hope in Boston said:

“I use to volunteer and donate to shelters myself, man. Then I moved to Boston for my girl, then broke up with her, moved out of her apartment, lost my job, had no savings, and suddenly I’m here. Thank you for treating us like people. I want to get back my feet and this really helps me.”

Last Friday A Slice of Hope held a pizza party in Paradise Transitional Housing in the Bronx. The guests were treated to live soul jazz music and Domino’s pizza.

A Slice of Hope Ambassadors Pooja Kumar and DeMingo Grahama former NFL player, gave an inspirational talk and signed autographs! DeMingo said:

“When I was growing up and going through my career, I remember the people that gave me the hope and courage to succeed. A Slice of Hope reminds people to keep fighting and gives them that joy and motivation to keep fighting” 

Grab A Slice of Hope At A Pizza Party

Photo: Facebook

To find out when the next pizza party is or to support A Slice of Hope please visit their website and Facebook page.

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