This time last year cats Betty and Martha were with RSPCA – Southridge. They had been in their care for 18 months, waiting to find their forever home.

Here they are a year later, in their new home, and they even have a doggy friend called Ki.

Rescue Cats Finally Get There Happy Ending

Photo: Facebook

Their new owner said:

“Betty and Martha are thriving and an absolute joy to have around. They have developed very different personalities. Betty is a real outdoors cat and a prodigious hunter. She brings a “treat” for Ki every morning and is usually found up a tree or in the stables – until it’s time for breakfast and dinner. Martha likes to be indoors when the weather is bad and prefers a warm bed or Ki’s basket. Both are still quite timid with strangers but are more than happy for us to cuddle them now”.

It’s lovely to hear about rescue cats getting a happy ending!

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