It’s always a relief to find a pet that has wandered off, be it a dog, a cat – or a Panther chameleon!

After being missing for two months, a pet Panther chameleon was rescued by the RSPCA after passers-by saw the reptile falling out of a tree in Southampton, UK.

Panther Chameleon: A Pet That Blends In Too Well

This exotic pet is used to warm environments – he needs one because he can’t regulate his body temperature on his own – so unsurprisingly, the cold British weather didn’t do him much good.

Animal Welfare Officer Jo Blackburn said:

“bearing in mind these animals originate from Madagascar it really is amazing that he managed to survive for so long outside, especially as it has been so cold.”

Jo and RSPCA Inspector Tina Ward wasted no time in getting the chameleon to a specialist vet, where he was taken care of and warmed up to the right temperature. He recovered well, and thankfully his owner came to collect him.

It just goes to show, when you have a pet as unusual as a Panther chameleon, you have to be extra careful to look after it!

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