When Good Neighbours Become Good Friends

  • More than 50% of those aged over 80 years in the UK are lonely.

  • An estimated 1.3 million people aged over 65 suffer from malnutrition

Want to help? Good news – here’s one way you can!

Casserole Club helps people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who are not always able to cook for themselves.

92 year old Janet Oran, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, has been regularly enjoying meals prepared for her by Clare Bradford, who she was matched up with by Casserole Club.

“This is a really nice project and I’m so glad I signed up to it. I don’t see as many people as I used to, so the visit from Clare every Wednesday with the dinner is great.  She is very friendly and always stays for about half an hour so we can have a good chat about what’s going on in the world.  Clare’s meals are lovely and it’s so nice to have one cooked for you.  I don’t mind doing myself a sandwich but cooking a hot dinner is getting more difficult for me and not really worth it when there’s only me.”– Janet, Casserole diner

“I think Casserole Club is a great project and it’s such a simple idea. I love cooking, but I always cook far too much so it makes so much sense to share any extras with people who aren’t able to cook for themselves. It also saves just eating the extra portions yourself just so you don’t waste them!”– Clare, Casserole cook

Casserole Club is looking to grow quickly across the UK. At the moment the project is available in Tower Hamlets, Barnet, Reigate and Banstead, and Staffordshire.

When Good Neighbours Become Good Friends

For more information please visit their website: https://casseroleclub.com

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