When an accidental fire in an apartment block left 12 people with uninhabitable apartments they were left with very few possessions and no home.  But with the support of friends, family, colleagues, and their community they are back on their feet.

One of the residents, Jaimie Newsome, told The News & Observer, “A lot of people have been really nice and supportive.”

Community Comes Together For Fire Victims

A group of local real estate and other housing-related companies showed their support for the 12 residents by hosting a dinner for them, where they gave them gift cards and clothes. On the dinner, Jaimie told the paper:

“This was sweet; It was such a surprise.”





Community Comes Together For Fire Victims Community Comes Together For Fire Victims

It’s always wonderful to hear of communities coming together – if you have an uplifting, charitable story you would like to share please get in touch with us.

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