Living with diabetes is no easy task. Thousands of people living in the UK are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every year, and many don’t know much about the condition or how to cope with the effects it has.

Fortunately, Diabetes UK, in partnership with Tesco, is holding free educational events, called ‘Living with Diabetes days’ across the country, to help people get better informed. These are one day events that will provide people with information about living with Type 2 diabetes. They are aimed at both newly diagnosed sufferers, and those who have had the condition for some time, but want to learn a little more or brush up on their knowledge.

Living With DiabetesHealthcare professionals will be attendance to answer any questions, and will be able to advise people on local services available to them. They will also explain the health complications associated with the condition, including heart disease, kidney failure and strokes. There will be workshops held for people to get acquainted with the practical effects that diabetes will have on their lifestyles, including diet, exercise, travel and driving.

The events will be held at 80 locations in the UK, and around 10,000 diabetes sufferers are expected to attend over the next two years. These are also a great way for people to meet others who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. One such event is being held in Eastbourne on 23rd March. Jill Steaton, the Diabetes UK South East regional manager spoke about the event, saying,

“There are around 9,500 people living with Type 2 diabetes in Eastbourne and we know that being diagnosed with the condition can have a life-changing effect on people. There is a lot of information to take in, particularly at the time of diagnosis, so these events are a great way to get detailed expert advice in an easy-to-digest way, as well as being an opportunity to meet other people living with Type 2 diabetes.”

Previous attendees of these events have said it is “A very worthwhile day for anyone and everyone, wherever they are on the diabetes ladder” and an “Excellent introductory session for those with little knowledge on diabetes”.

Living With Diabetes

Other upcoming locations include Bristol (11th February), Huddersfield (17th February), Blackpool (7th March) and Edinburgh (16th March). Click here for a full list of ‘Living with Diabetes days’ and to book your place. More dates will also be announced in the future.

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