Twitter conversation leads to re-homing of nearly 200 rescue dogs

What started as a conversation between strangers on Twitter has now expanded into an animal charity helping to re-home hundreds of dogs across the UK.

Finding Furever Homes became a registered charity on 10th January, 2014 and has since re-homed 193 dogs (111 since it was officially registered by the Charity Commission) desperately in need. Jack and Paddy, below, are just two of many dogs who have found loving, furever, homes thanks to the charity.

Love Twitter? Love Dogs? You'll LOVE Finding Furever HomesFinding Furever Homes is a pretty unique charity.

With over 21,000 followers on Twitter and £33,000 having already been donated to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared for in other rescue charities across England and Wales, the charity has been a massive success in helping to re-home dogs. Finding Furever Homes has not been set up to compete with the other existing dog rescue charities. In fact, their ethos is quite the opposite of this – they are collaborative and supportive, and have been set up to help small rescue centres that struggle so greatly in re-homing dogs and, consequently, have to maintain their care for extended periods of time. The charity Founder, Andrea Newton, explains:

“Most people know about the larger dog rescue charities and automatically think of them when they want to adopt or help dogs. But sadly, many of these small rescue centres go unnoticed and receive very little support or funding whether that is hands on volunteering,  dog walking, home checks, transportation or most importantly, helping them  to re-home dogs in need and that is where Finding Furever Homes comes in. We exist not only to offer financial and practical support but also emotional support and some of these rescues are run by amazing dedicated people who are literally doing it all themselves and that is incredibly tough.”

Love Twitter? Love Dogs? You'll LOVE Finding Furever HomesThe great impact that Finding Furever Homes has had in only one year proves just how much potential this charity – beginning with a Twitter conversation among dog-lovers – has to help so many dogs and rescue centres in the years to come.

For more information about the work of Finding Furever Homes and to get involved, please visit their website:

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