Children, young people and adults with Tourette Syndrome and their families attended a fun, supportive event held at Manchester University Museum recently.

First, everyone joined in the African Drumming workshop in the morning.

Tourette Syndrome Sufferers Enjoy a 'Swag' Day Together


Drumming can help some people with Tourette Syndrome to relax and be free from their tics for a while.

Tourette Syndrome Sufferers Enjoy a 'Swag' Day Together


Lunch time was a relaxed affair which gave everyone time to talk to one another and to ask questions and share information and Tourette Syndrome coping strategies.

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Master Liming Yue from the Manchester Tai Chi Centre then talked to everyone about the many health benefits of practising Tai Chi and everyone enthusiastically joined in a Tai Chi session.

Tourette Syndrome Sufferers Enjoy a 'Swag' Day Together

Impact of the Day on the Children, Young People, and Adults suffering from Tourette Syndrome

One Mum said she ‘skipped away from the event and felt a weight had been lifted from her shoulders after talking to others with similar experiences.’ Another Mum thought the Tai Chi would be great for her and her 10 year old son to do together.

Great fun and useful to meet others with Tourettes and other parents too.”

It was swag!” (boy aged 11)

Really helped as I usually feel so different and great to meet others similar to me.

Support for people with Tourette Syndrome

To understand more about Tourette Syndrome and to find out about the support available please visit the Tourettes Action website:

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