Maths is Fun for kids – Yep, You Read That Correctly!

In the past, children and adults alike would rarely say ‘maths is fun’ or ‘maths is cool’. Enter Maths on Toast, an organisation running community events for families to go and have fun doing maths.

The Maths on Toast team do a great job at making maths fun for the whole family.

A recent event in London at Camden’s Pancras Square Library was more popular than even the Maths on Toast team expected!

It's Official, Maths is Fun

Dag Tadesse, Customer Services Officer at Pancras Square Library, commented: “On the first day, we set aside two big tables By our last session we needed four. We even had to stop someone doing the activities at the end of the day… they didn’t want to go!”

Some of the children share their enthusiasm for maths in this video below, which was shot at Pancras Square Library:

Alexandra Fitzsimmons, Founder of the charity Maths on Toast, said:

“The turnout has been amazing. What’s more important of course is that people are staying and enjoying the activities – a really diverse group of people coming together to have fun doing maths”

The maths activities you see the children doing in the video include craft, colouring, and – the most popular activity – making an icosahedron out of drinking straws. An icosahedron is a regular solid with twenty faces, all of which are equilateral triangles. It takes about 45 minutes, and lots of cooperation over the sticky-taping to construct one out of drinking straws.

It's Official, Maths is Fun

Maths on Toast

Founded in 2012 to combat negative attitudes towards maths being passed down from one generation to the next – ‘We’re just not a maths family / our family just doesn’t do maths’ – Maths on Toast makes maths fun for the whole family.

It's Official, Maths is Fun

To find out more about Maths on Toast and how you can get involved please visit their website:


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