Chipper the Dog, a therapy dog dropout does good

Chipper the dog dropped out of therapy school. Apparently, shoplifting doggie treats and barking at old ladies wasn’t an appropriate addition to the therapeutic process. Chipper was disappointed, but she didn’t let it stop her fulfil her dream of helping others.

She had been rescued from a bad start in life and wanted to do her best to spread the love and happiness she’d got from the family that took her in.

She wrote her autobiDOGraphy, called ‘Chipper’s Friends: The heart-warming story of an imperfect dog‘, and donated the first month’s profit to charity Love146, which works to abolish child trafficking and slavery, and cares for and empowers survivors.

Chipper also sold some paw printed artwork and homemade Christmas ornaments, and she did a sponsored high-five event. In total she raised almost $3000 for the charity.

 'Chipper’s Friends: The heart-warming story of an imperfect dog'

Chipper’s good works don’t stop there though. Every month she donates half the profits of her book to a different charity. She regularly puts on her Kindness Thinking Cap to come up with other ideas of how to help people, and sometimes doubles it up with her Braveness Cape.

This wardrobe combination is particularly important to Chipper in supporting her best friend JJ, a young boy in Kentucky who is battling brain cancer. Because Chipper and JJ are so far away from each other, Chipper keeps a mini-JJ doll nearby, and JJ keeps a mini-Chipper doll at his side.

Chipper has been a great support to JJ, and one of Chipper’s friends even sent a Kindle tablet for him to use. Chipper is also running an event on Facebook for people and their pets to send cards of support to JJ and photos of where they live to plot along a map, to help give JJ a fun lesson on geography. There is also an event calling for brave solidarity with JJ who will soon be having one of his legs amputated. Thanks to Chipper, JJ will have support across the world as he goes through this.

'Chipper’s Friends: The heart-warming story of an imperfect dog'

Click here to buy Chipper’s Friends: The heart-warming story of an imperfect dog

You can find out more about Chipper and JJ on Chipper’s Facebook page and on Chipper’s website.

If you’d like to send a card to JJ the details are here:

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