I faced the choice of buying food or being able to afford nappies. I wished more than anything that I could have bought just a few new things for my little girl. It was horrendous

– This is how new mum Sarah remembers the first few days after her baby daughter Elizabeth was born.

Stripey Stork Donate Baby Clothes to Parents in Need

Forced to stay in a hostel after having Elizabeth, and separated from her husband due to money struggles, things were incredibly difficult.

This all changed when Stripey Stork sent a package when Elizabeth was just one week old.

They provided essentials such as a cot bed, a shelving unit, a bouncy chair, play gym and a bath set. They also provided clothing to fit Elizabeth for up to a year.

Stripey Stork Donate Baby Clothes to Parents in Need

The package from Stripey Stork completely changed Sarah’s living situation, and meant that her daughter had all she needed. The help the Stripey Stork gave meant Sarah no longer needed to worry about Elizabeth and helped her focus on moving out of the hostel.

Sarah was so thankful, saying: ‘I can’t quite put into words how grateful I am to Stripey Stork’.

Stripey Stork was set up in 2013 by Nicola Dawes, after she found it difficult to give away the baby things her children no longer needed. Nicola knew there was a need for these items in her community, so Stripey Stork was born. The volunteer-run organisation provides baby essentials to families who need them most.  Stripey Stork has grown since 2013, and by working with a number of local agencies and charities, they are able to help many families across several communities.

The charity works by collecting donations of baby essentials and then trying to meet requests they receive from health visitors, social workers and other agencies they work with. They also put out calls on Facebook and Twitter, spreading the word to ensure they help as many families as possible. Everything they send is always in good condition, as the charity prides itself on providing gifts, not handouts.

Stripey Stork Donate Baby Clothes to Parents in Need

It is clear just how much of an impact Stripey Stork make when reading the story of how they helped Sarah Robinson.

Following the support Sarah received from Stripey Stork, she was able to move into rented accommodation with her husband.

Now Elizabeth no longer needs the items they received from Stripey Stork, Sarah has given them back so another mum can benefit from the great work the charity do.

Thanks to Stripey Stork, families and new parents across many local communities are brought help and essentials so they can focus on enjoying the family time they deserve.  To find out more please visit their website: www.stripeystork.org.uk

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