I never used to be an animal person. This all changed at some point during the last year. I found myself writing more and more animal stories for Good News Shared, and I have loved each one!

To celebrate Good News Shared’s 1st birthday we are looking back at some of the stories from our first year. Here is a list of just 7 of the cute animals featured on the Good News Shared website over the last year that you will surely fall in love with:

  1. Moses the Foal

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

Moses went from being a weak, cold and wet foal to a happy, healthy foal thanks to the help and support from Bransby Horses – Rescue and Welfare in Lincolnshire, England, the RSPCA, a local vet, and a concerned member of the public who found him lying in a large ditch of dirty water.

Click here to ind out more about Moses and see more photos.

  1. Mabel the Chicken

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

The first winner of our ‘Amazing Animal of the Month’ Award, Mabel was born at Stepney City Farm with a broken leg. This meant she had plenty of handling and quickly got used to human company. Mabel visits older people with the organisation Furry Tales. She will happily perch on someone’s knee, letting them stroke and feed her, and often has people singing to her!

Read more about Mabel, and find out which song is often sung to her by clicking here.

  1. Pippa the Cat

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

A rescue cat left outside a shop in a box is now the rescuer, as she raises the alarm when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels.

Mrs Jansa talks about the incredible gift rescue cat Pippa for looking after her 8 year old daughter Mia: “If Mia didn’t wake up, then she would come to my door and miaow. She comes onto the bed, walks onto my pillow and across me until I wake up. She really makes her presence felt, she won’t take no for an answer. She knows it’s important that I get up and help Mia.”

Read more about this amazing cat here. 

  1. Barstool the Hedgehog

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

Named Barstool by a wildlife charity because he now has three legs, the hedgehog has also only got one eye and had to have a loose tooth removed. He was found in a garden in Crawley, England, by a resident who saw that he was limping. She called Horsham wildlife charity Care for the Wild who took him to a vet where his broken and dislocated leg was amputated.

Tarnya Knight, wildlife carer at Care for the Wild, said: “The poor little thing has obviously been in the wars. He was lucky that a kind member of the public spotted the distress he was in, and he’s been lucky to find a vet who would perform this operation. Maybe we should have called him Lucky.

Click here to read more about Barstool.

  1. Lionel the Kitten

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

A footie-mad kitten was named after footballer Lionel Messi after showing a surprising interest in the 2014 World Cup.

Watch Lionel show off his skills by clicking here.

  1. Biscuit the Dog

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

Biscuit had to wait two very long years before finding his forever home. He holds the title of being the longest serving resident of Battersea Dogs Home.

Read Biscuit’s story, through his own eyes, here.

  1. Patty the Donkey

7 Cute Animals You Will Fall in Love With

Patty, a rescued donkey has an unusual and special talent…  she can paint! Looked after by HorseWorld, a Bristol-based animal welfare charity, Patty learnt to paint as part of a wide range of activities to help her become accustomed to human contact. If Patty looks familiar to you it might be because she found fame after appearing on the ITV show Britain’s Got Talent.

Find out more about Patty’s story here.

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