BFI Southbank hosted an amazing array of young people tackling issues that they cared about earlier this month. Aged from 11-19 years, they were given the chance to talk about global issues in a professional media context and presented their material to a wide audience at this event organised by Adobe Young Voices and Eastside Educational Trust. Those participating in the event attend schools and colleges all over London as well as from Hampshire and Brighton.

The youth media event proves that not only do young people have valid opinions on a wide range of issues, including climate change, ethical fashion and cyber- bullying but they deserve to have their voices heard. The event has been hailed as a wide success.

Empowering and Uplifting

One Step Closer to my Dream, To Be Able to Give Back to Society

Lauren with Tom Allen, an English stand up comedian actor and writer


It is this type of event that creates a positive mindset for tacking future challenges. Lauren Hodge, an ambassador from Redbridge College, commented “I really enjoyed taking part in Adobe Youth Voices and it was an amazing opportunity to present my work as well as perform to such a big audience! Seeing it shown on the screen at the BFI has made me want to make more media, and also get them shown.

One Step Closer to the Dream

One Step Closer to my Dream, To Be Able to Give Back to Society

Ayah and Sebastian

And there was more good news for some of the participants. Sebastian Tuma, 19 from Blackheath and Ayah Benberna, 18 from Canning Town in Newham who is studying for her A Levels at Newham Sixth Form College, who participated in Adobe Youth Voices at Tower Hamlets Youth Space: Spotlight have both won a scholarship to support them financially for up to 4 years at university studying a creative course.  Ayah who is set to study journalism and media at Middlesex University says: “When I found out I had won the scholarship, it felt like I was one step closer to my dream, to be able to give back to my society as well as the wider world.”

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