The Humane Society of Utah get around 12,000 animals in their shelter every year. Finding it difficult to find a home for all of the animals they decided to hire a photographer, Guinnever Shuster, who takes photos of all the dogs to show potential adopters the dogs’ real personality. “A lot of the time when you view a dog at the shelter they are really vying for someone’s attention so they are barking or they are noisy, and once you take that dog out 5-10 minutes later that might not be the dogs personality at all.”

The photos Guinnever takes are put up on social media, and have proved to be a huge success. Guinnever says, “Sometimes an hour we put an animal up (on social media) there’s a line of people here to adopt them. Our adoption rate increased because people see those faces and it speaks to them.. it’s amazing.

Learn more about The Humane Society of Utah by visiting their website.

H/T: HooplaHa

Photo credit: The Humane Society of Utah

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