Suicide is a topic that is still too often a societal taboo and this stigma can prevent those experiencing suicidal thoughts from discussing their feelings openly. A better awareness of suicide is needed and the non- profit Love Sami Organization has dedicated itself to campaigning for suicide prevention and advocacy.

In the United States a person dies by suicide every 13.3 minutes. More than 39,500 people commit suicide each year. It is estimated that an attempt is made every minute, with close to one million people attempting suicide annually.

By working with suicide survivors and those contemplating suicide, Love Sami Orgazisation hopes to create a sustainable recovery for individuals who have been personally affected by suicide. They want to tackle the feelings of isolation and helpless that depression attracts and so the Love Sami Organization offers survivors the opportunity to take part in unique experiences. These activities can include: swimming with dolphins, taking part in research shark tagging or cuddling a baby monkey. In December 2015 Love Sami Organization will be hosting a once-in-a-lifetime activity for veterans and suicide survivors: swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River Florida. The non-profit believes that by offering therapeutic and healing activities for survivors and their families they can help to instil a meaningful recovery for suicide survivors.

Love Sami Organization Offers Suicide Survivors Unique Experiences

The aim of Love Sami Organization is to be a place where those contemplating suicide or those who have survived a suicide attempt can turn to for help. The organisation was created by John Coburn following the suicide of his daughter Sami in 2014 after struggling with severe anxiety and being placed on anti-depressants. The organization hopes that others can learn that there are resources out there for help and support.

Love Sami also works side by side with other Suicide Prevention programs and organizations with the hopes of helping others. For more information please visit the Love Sami website.

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