Libby – also known as ‘The Hobby Hoarder’ – has tried 104 hobbies in two years. Wanting to challenge herself, Libby wrote out a list of things she wanted to do, but also things she didn’t want to do.

Some of the hobbies Libby tried include: hip hop dancing, skydiving, karate, and hot air ballooning.

Talking about ‘The Hobby Hoarder project’ Libby says, “I was depressed.. when I started trying one new thing every week for 52 weeks I realised I had lost my curiosity. I was falling in love with life all over again.”

“I believe we should live life like it’s our first day – full of wonder and curiosity and adventure because somewhere along the way we lose that and we shouldn’t lose that, ever.

H/T: HooplaHa

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