In this Good News Shared podcast episode I chat to Leigh Gravenor, a volunteer for Sustrans, a UK-based sustainable transport charity that encourages people to take active travel – either walking or cycling.

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What it's like to cycle in London: Leigh Gravenor, volunteer for Sustrans

Sustrans have developed walking and cycling routes across the country, give talks in schools so young people can learn about the impact different modes of transport has on the world, and much more.

When I think about Sustrans I think about a charity that encourages cycling, so it’s great to hear more about the work the charity does (it’s a lot more varied than I had realised!).

What it's like to cycle in London: Leigh Gravenor, volunteer for Sustrans

Leigh heard about the charity initially via his mum, who also volunteers for Sustrans. I love the fact that Leigh heard about the organisation he volunteers for through his mum. It’s not always easy for charities to raise awareness of their work, so it’s great when people tell their family and friends about projects, opportunities, and organisations that might be of interest to them.

In this episode you will:

  • Learn about the work Sustrans do
  • Hear about the different roles Leigh has had
  • Find out what Leigh thinks about the popularity and safety of cycling in London
  • Hear what he thinks about London Mayor Boris Johnson
  • Find out something I used to be really embarrassed about. I have realised over time that it’s not something I should be embarrassed about, and that I’m not the only one..
  • Some good news from Sustrans (it will help people like me!)
  • Plus some potentially controversial opinions Leigh has with regards to cycling

What it's like to cycle in London: Leigh Gravenor, volunteer for Sustrans

Leigh’s favourite memory from his time volunteering for Sustrans is not something I was expecting as it doesn’t really involve cycling, but it sounds really cool!

Find out more about Sustrans by visiting their website.

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