17 year old Ehrin Walsh, winner of the Junior International Humanitarian Volunteer 2014 award, tells us about his volunteering experiences in this episode of the Good News Shared podcast.


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Best Friend Inspired Award-Winning Teen to Volunteer

Ehrin in Tanzania last year

Ehrin, from Whitley Bay, England, has raised over £4000 for the Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community programme over the last two years. He gives up six weeks of his summer holiday to visit Tanzania to teach life-saving First Aid, HIV and sexual health awareness through football and Hygiene awareness. Plus Ehrin also spends time each month volunteering at his local lunch club for older people. Ehrin is hoping to be a teacher and his experience in Tanzania has given him a real taste for it.

In this episode you will find out about:

  • The Mount Kilimanjaro First Aid Community Programme
  • Why Ehrin wanted to get involved with the programme in Tanzania
  • Why Ehrin also volunteers locally in Whitley Bay
  • Ehrin’s favourite memory from his time volunteering
  • How you can get involved too if you would like too

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Nisha Kotecha is the Founder of Good News Shared. Having worked and volunteered for charities in the UK for over 10 years, Nisha is on a mission to highlight how amazing charities are.

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