Supporting Mothers to Start Up a Business

“The Action Through Enterprise (ATE) Special Needs Awareness Programme enables us to speak out about our experiences”. Photo: Leela Shanti

Having her disabled daughter with her when selling at her market stall in Lawra, Upper West, Ghana meant Patience would struggle to make enough money. People would come and stare at her daughter. They would say that she is not human – she is a demon.

The Action Through Enterprise (ATE) Special Needs Awareness Programme has helped people – like Patience – with disabled children to be strong in spite of their struggles and to see their children for the gifts that they are.

Some of the mothers of the group, like Patience, also benefit from Action Through Enterprise grants to start up and grow small businesses to support themselves and their families.

In 2013, Patience kick started her road-side snack business with an ATE grant which allowed her to expand, try new things and maximise profit. By mid-2015 she estimated that she held ten times the amount of the initial grant in savings, investment and stock.

For more information about Action Through Enterprise, working to fight poverty and change the lives of children and adults in the poorest parts of Ghana, please visit their website.

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