In episode 16 of the Good News Shared podcast I spoke with Jonathan Levy, a Trustee at Dyspraxia FoundationListen to the interview below: 


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The average age of trustees in England and Wales is 57; Jonathan is 24, and became a trustee when he was 22.

Recognising what you CAN do is really important - Jonathan Levy, Dyspraxia Foundation Trustee

Jonathan has a form of dyspraxia, which is a neurological condition thought to affect 6 – 10 % of the population, though people may have it but not be diagnosed.

In the interview Jonathan tells us: 

  • Why he felt compelled to raise awareness of dyspraxia
  • What the role of a trustee involves
  • How he became a trustee
  • Why he became a trustee
  • Some famous people who have dyspraxia
  • Challenges he has faced and how he has overcome them
  • What advice he would give to people who are interested in becoming a trustee
  • What he wishes more people knew about dyspraxia
  • How dyspraxia affects him
  • The services Dyspraxia Foundation provide
  • Good news from Dyspraxia Foundation (Britain’s Got Talent fans in particular will love this)


Dyspraxia Foundation helpline number: 01462 454986

Young Charity Trustees LinkedIn group and Twitter account


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