On Saturday 25th April 2015, an earthquake registering 7.8 on the Richter Scale struck Nepal, resulting in the death of more than 8,800 and injury to over 23,000. Everything from everyday life to economic activity suffered as a result, with infrastructure and the individual affected. This was the worst natural disaster experienced in Nepal for around 100 years and the recovery process will be long and difficult.

Using Art to Rebuild a Community in Nepal

The Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund (NERF) was set up as a humanitarian response to the crisis facing Nepal following the earthquake. Their mission is to repair the lives of people in Nepal who have suffered personal and economic hardship following the earthquake, paying particular attention to rural areas, women and children, and marginalised ethnic groups.

In the district of Sindhupalchowk in Nepal 97% of all schools were destroyed in the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. One of NERF’s first tasks was a redevelopment project in Sindhupalchowk, reaching out to the children who could no longer go to school and whose home lives have drastically changed. Children were provided with a selection of art materials and, through creative art lessons, were given a chance to focus on something other than the devastation around them.

Using Art to Rebuild a Community in Nepal

In partnership with the Ark Academy, NERF turned this project into an opportunity to raise funds for those children directly affected by the earthquake. Each child produced two self-portraits, one for themselves and one to be auctioned off.

Using Art to Rebuild a Community in Nepal

On Monday the 9th of November at Core@Nolias Gallery in London, there will be the opportunity to bid for these pieces of artwork. All money raised will be funnelled back into the community through redevelopment work. There will be thirty works of art exhibited in total, with each piece showing a photograph of the child artist as well as giving details of their name, age and background story so that a true connection between the artist and the art is shown. There will also be an exhibition of post-earthquake Nepal photography on display.

What is truly astonishing is that just four days after the exhibition at Core@Nolias Gallery, NERF is travelling back to Nepal to start implementing the funds raised from the auction. The children involved in the project will be able to immediately see the results of their hard work.

Using Art to Rebuild a Community in Nepal

For your chance to bid on one of these beautiful pieces of original artwork,  the auction opens with a drinks reception between 7 and 7:30, after which a bar will be available operating a voluntary contribution policy for drinks. The auction itself will take place at 9:30pm, giving ample time to prepare your bids.

NERF are an inspiring new charity showing that starting small can lead to bigger things.

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