Giving Children the Opportunity to Accept Themselves in just a WeekIn 2004 Molly Hunt was diagnosed with bone cancer when she was just ten years old. She underwent a course of chemotherapy and in the same year had surgery for a hip and femur replacement. The following year she had two more surgeries to correct a dislocation of the new hip joint, and then two further surgeries in 2008.

Molly has ongoing mobility issues and uses both a stick and crutches depending on how far she needs to travel. She has excelled at school and is currently studying medicine at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University. Her first experience of Over The Wall was in 2006, aged 12, as a camper at the Dorset Serious Illness Camp and her first experience of volunteering for Over The Wall was in 2013, age 19, at The Midlands Camp.

Molly shares her experiences in episode 19 of the Good News Shared podcast. Listen to it below or via iTunes:


In the interview you will hear about:

Giving Children the Opportunity to Accept Themselves in just a Week

  • Why Molly decided to volunteer for Over the Wall
  • Her experiences of the charity as a volunteer and also a camper
  • What Molly has been able to do despite being scared of heights!
  • How Over the Wall support volunteers
  • The atmosphere in the camp
  • The impact Over the Wall has had on Molly as a camper and now a volunteer
  • The impact Over the Wall has on the campers
  • Why Over the Wall are looking to increase the number of their volunteers with health conditions, and how the Big Lottery Fund is helping with this

Find out more about Over the Wall and get involved in their work by visiting their website.


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