If you are in Elephant and Castle in South London, Fred, 92, would be able to give you an idea. He’s lived in the area his whole life.

Find out what’s changed in the area, what Fred enjoys doing now, and more in this video by South London Cares:

South London Cares’ Hidden Heroes: Fred from South London Cares on Vimeo.

South London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours spending time together and helping one another in a rapidly changing city. The aim of the charity is to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve connections between people living in the same area, increase resilience, skills and confidence, and to bridge the gaps across generational and social divides.

South London Cares will be sharing five more videos of ‘Hidden Heroes’ over the next five weeks. Keep an eye out for them on their Vimeo page.

If you live in South London and would like to get involved please visit the charity website. The charity is the sister organisation of North London Cares, so if you are in North London and would like to get involved please click here.

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