David Gandy: "If you shine a light on any child they will shine, whatever their background might be"

“Achievement for All is unlike many other charities. These guys are low profile but high impact. Their aim – to get our education system working for every single child in every single classroom, and right now the lives of 41 thousand children are literally being transformed by their programmes.

“If you had asked me aged ten what I wanted to be when I grew up I might have said a mechanic, maybe a vet. I loved cars and I loved animals, but more importantly, I was raised in a family where aspiration was ok; where aiming high was encouraged. To some degree, I have that to thank for where I am today. Every child deserves that kind of support, not all of them get it, and that’s where these guys come in.”  –  David Gandy

Achievement for All offers support programmes to schools and settings to help them improve outcomes in the lowest achieving 20 per cent, delivered direct to the schools via a team of highly trained specialist coaches. Top British model David Gandy has been announced as the new ambassador for the education charity that transforms the lives of the one in five children currently underachieving at school.

Talking about the impact the charity has, David said: “Achievement for All is turning things around for these children. Many of them begin the programme way behind their classmates academically, yet in just two years they haven’t just caught up with their peers, more often than not they have over taken them! By working with schools and teachers this charity is proving time and time again that if you shine a light on any child they will shine, whatever their background might be, regardless of the challenges they face or the needs they may have.”

According to a recently published independent report by PwC, Achievement for All is a proven solution to closing the gap in educational attainment, with those involved making high levels of progress in reading – an astounding 55 per cent above national expectations at KS3-4, and also exceeding national targets in writing, by 53 per cent, and in maths by 20 per cent.

Find out more about the work the charity are doing and how you can get involved by visiting their website and by watching this video with David Gandy and some of the children helped by the organisation.


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