Doing a good deed really does go a long way.

New research has revealed that nearly three quarters of men and women (73%) say that whenever they are on the receiving end of a good deed, they will then carry out one for someone else.

Top 25 Acts of Kindness Carried Out by British People

In fact, the study shows the typical person will do 1.27 good acts every time someone helps them out and a quarter  will pass on a good deed at least twice.

The average Brit typically carries out eight good deeds a month, with four in five saying that we have carried out an act of kindness at least once a week.

The research commissioned by GALAXY Hot Chocolate to launch its GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund also revealed that four in ten people say that the feel good factor of doing an act of kindness makes them keen to do it again and 68% say that they feel better about life when they receive a little act of kindness.

Sadly, one in ten Brits say that they don’t receive any acts of kindness at all during a typical month. Hopefully the list of the 25 top acts of kindness carried out will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to do some – or even all – of them this month.

Plus if you need any more incentive, the GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund aims to reward and highlight good deeds being carried out across the country and hopefully inspire more people to get involved with local community groups and projects. To discover more about heart-warming community projects or to apply for one of the 85 financial awards on offer visit their website.

Top 25 Acts of Kindness Carried Out by the Average Brit Over Three Months

  1. Holding the door open for a stranger
  2. Giving directions to someone who looks lost
  3. Stopping to let people cross the road
  4. Letting someone with very little shopping go ahead in a queue
  5. Putting money in a collection tin
  6. Buying your partner their favourite food as a treat
  7. Picking up something that someone has dropped
  8. Letting a car out of a junction or driveway
  9. Complimenting someone who isn’t your partner on how they look
  10. Giving spare change to a charity collector
  11. Taking a spider outside instead of killing it
  12. Telling someone about a great deal they could benefit from
  13. Buying a gift for a friend or relative when it isn’t their birthday
  14. Telling a friend or relative you love them spontaneously
  15. Offering to pick up items from a shop for someone else
  16. Saying Keep the change
  17. Helping people reach for things high up on a shelf
  18. Giving lifts without expecting payment
  19. Picking up litter that someone else has dropped
  20. Picking up clothes off the floor in shops
  21. Offering a tissue
  22. Giving a friend a lift to somewhere you weren’t going
  23. Putting the bins out for a neighbour
  24. Telling someone there is something on their face/teeth
  25. Picking up the bill as a treat

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