Katherine Goodfellow, a 22 year old volunteer for PEAS (which stands for Promoting Equality in African Schools) shares her experiences with us in episode 26 of the Good News Shared podcast. Listen to the interview below:


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PEAS is a UK based global education charity established in 2008. Since the charity started in 2008 they have developed a network of 26 secondary schools across Uganda and Zambia with 4 new schools due to open next year.

Charity Teaches Boys in Uganda That Menstruation is Normal

In the interview Katherine tells us about:

  • The work PEAS do
  • Why they focus on secondary school education
  • How the charity helps the schools become financially independent
  • What led her to volunteer for PEAS
  • Why she thinks education is key to breaking the poverty cycle
  • The Menstrual Management Project PEAS ran in Uganda and Zambia
  • The impact the Menstrual Management Project had on both the boys and girls who took part
  • Her favourite memory from her time volunteering in Uganda
  • What she felt when a young boy of around 14 told her: “Before this project and the lessons I thought menstruation was a bad thing. I thought if a girl menstruates I should not be near her and I could not marry her in the future. Now I know it is a normal thing and it is not shameful and I tell my friends that we should not be unkind to our sisters when they are menstruating.
  • Some good news from PEAS

… And much more (and all in just 20 minutes!)

For more information about PEAS please click here to visit their website.

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