Volunteers from The Art of Living, an educational and humanitarian non-profit organisation, distributed relief material weighing approx 700 tonnes, to the rain battered Chennai and Cuddalore districts, so far.

More than 400 people were killed during the recent flooding in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Volunteers Deliver Essentials Directly to those Affected by Chennai Flooding

As Chennai went through one of its worst nightmare, volunteers came together to help as much as they could.

During the deluge, from the 1st – 4th December 2015, approximately 20,000 people received fresh food packets in different water logged zones of Chennai, thanks to The Art of Living volunteers. The truckloads of relief material which was collected from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Bangalore contained ​​basic essentials, such as​ ​rice, sugar, milk powder, bread, medicines and clothes. The volunteers also distributed w​ater bottles, sanitary napkins, and energy essentials like candles, torch lights and batteries.

Volunteers Deliver Essentials Directly to those Affected by Chennai Flooding

Volunteers worked tirelessly to deliver these goods to people in need. The non-profit organisation is one of the few to distribute items at peoples’ homes rather than in the roads leading to their homes, thereby ensuring the goods have been shared equally between people in each community.

The second phase of activity focused on cleaning to prevent disease outbreak. Hygiene and cleaning campaigns were started on the 10th December to spread awareness and will be complemented with medical camps in partnership with hospitals.

For more information about The Art of Living please visit their website.

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