Eric Wiltshire tells us about the difference refurbished computers is making on the lives of children in East Slovakia and their community in episode 28 of the Good News Shared podcast. Listen to the interview below:


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Using Recycled Computers to Change Lives of Young People in East Slovakia

In this interview you will find out about Digital Angels, the charitable organisation Eric helped set up in June 2015. In just six months Digital Angels have changed the lives of many children in East Slovakia. Digital Angels get computers donated to them from companies who would otherwise scrap them (which would cost them money!). The team of Digital Angels volunteers then refurbish the computers and give them to disenfranchised children and people who are in real need in East Slovakia.

Listen to the interview to find out: 

  • What led to Digital Angels being started
  • How many computer systems Digital Angels have given out in just over six months
  • How – together with the local Mayor – Digital Angels helped a 70 year old woman *meet* her grandchildren for the first time
  • About the young people in East Slovakia who are making the most of the opportunity Digital Angels is giving them
  • How to send your old computers and laptops to Eric in Slovakia for him and the Digital Angels team to refurbish and then distribute to people who need them.
  • Some good news from Digital Angels

… And much more!

Find out more about Digital Angels by visiting their Facebook page.

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