Dogs Trust captured the heart-warming moment smuggled puppies finally experience freedom for the first time.
These first puppy steps mark the end of a four month ordeal for French Bulldog, English Bulldog and Pug puppies who had been bred in Eastern Europe, and illegally transported hundreds of miles. They were intercepted in Kent, and taken into quarantine in December.

These puppies were bred and destined to be sold online but are now being cared for by the charity Dogs Trust, and, as you can see from the video, are finally experiencing life as puppies should.

Smuggled puppies finally experience freedom

Photo: Dogs Trust

In a charity first, and in Dogs Trust’s ongoing fight against Puppy Smuggling, Dogs Trust has pledged to cover the cost and care of taking the seized puppies through quarantine. Until Dogs Trust stepped in, seized puppies were at the risk of being put to sleep or turned away at the borders.

Click here to read Dogs Trust’s full investigation into Puppy Smuggling.

To meet all of the dogs at your local Dogs Trust rehoming centre who are currently looking for new homes, click here.

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